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Connect, Release & Heal

Are you struggling with negative thought patterns, unhealthy behaviours, disconnection from the body and sexuality, physical tension or repressed emotions such as fear, shame, guilt or anger? To a smaller or greater degree we’re all experiencing these and when we don’t address them they hold us back from living a fulfilling life.

Dearmouring is a holistic healing modality designed precisely to help you release these emotions, stored trauma memories and behaviours. It is a process that empowers you to open up to meaningful relationships and deep intimacy, become a stronger, more grounded person, a better lover, and live a more authentic life.


Dearmouring is a body and energy work that utilises a combination of touch, breath, sound, movement and meditation through massage, trigger-point release, and stretching. The body opens up and your life force energy flows unobstructed to create the life you want.

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How Dearmouring can change your life- watch the process of our participants for 5:21 min. 


“Sunny helped me to lift the ceilings of pleasure that I allow myself in all areas of my life, helping me to push through fears, guilt, shame and feelings of lack of worth. She expertly guided me to the core of what was holding me back through her direct yet empathetic coaching style.”

Abbey W., London


Dearmouring guides you on your path

Personal Growth

Are you are on your own personal self-development journey and wish to attain healing, come into your body, and remove blockages?

Aspiring Professional

Do you want to step into the world of working with healing/body work/emotional and trauma release/sexuality? This training can be your first step towards becoming a practitioner.


Are you already a practitioner in the field of bodywork, tantra and sexuality and want to guide your clients deeper in emotional and trauma release? Or maybe you wish to add Dearmouring to your existing practice?

Discover the Dearmouring process

Blending ancient wisdom and modern science, we work with all layers of the body – emotional, physical, mental and energetic – and with your sexual energy to rewire the nervous system and enhance pleasure.


release trapped emotions, tension and trauma

detach from past stories and land in your body in the present moment

awaken your life force energy and full potential

expand your capacity for intimacy and pleasure

connect to yourself and others with authenticity and vibrancy

“I definitely recommend this course to anyone willing to explore his inner world and let go of old patterns and self beliefs that block the expression of our full potential.”

Verbena B., Italy


Experience the Dearmouring transformation

A rich, balanced program based on five pillars that support each other, resulting in radical opening and integration. With this unique mix of elements, we work strongly and deeply to relax release and transform, in a safe mindful and playful atmosphere.






Mind & Spirit

The program elements and environment are a magical blend that ease you deep into your process. While truly safe and in balance, you can heal the trauma of the body and rewire the nervous system with hands-on experiential learning.


Change, Develop & Grow

Our teachings are based on the Wheel of Consent and safety and consent are key. You’ll learn how to listen to your body and notice and express your needs and desires. 


Meet Sunny

the Lead Facilitator

Hi, I’m Sunny!

I spent over 20 years of my life suffering from chronic pain and battling depression. I appeared successful and highly-functional, but I felt disconnected and empty. I tried a seemingly endless list of healing modalities but hit a healing plateau with conventional medicine. I searched for alternatives.

During my first Dearmouring workshop, I experienced a major release: an intense outburst of physical and emotional pain. A lifetime of suppressed fear, anger, and grief dissolved into spaciousness and inner peace.

My body had been storing traumatic memories that needed release. Suddenly, I deeply grounded in my body and in the present moment, stepping out of my stories and victimhood and finding my capacity for pleasure.

The Dearmouring process enabled me to see my own dysfunctional patterns while learning self-regulation. I developed a bulletproof daily practice of self-maintenance. Today I feel alive, joyful, and connected to my body.

My passion is working with people to find their greatest resources and feel alive and connected to themselves, others, and nature.⁣ As a dedicated ever-learning student of the Healing Arts, I have studied with different masters, schools, teachers, and lineages all over the world.

Now, I share my journey through body and energy work, breathwork, intimacy and empowerment coaching, Tantra, Yoga, meditation, sound healing and trauma recovery as a certified Trauma and Hypnosis Therapist.

Be prepared for a dynamic and empowering immersion on our trainings, where you will be touched through all your layers to experience deep relaxation, expansion, and integration.⁣

As a facilitator and very authentic human being, I am known for creating a safe, loving space and my clarity and “no bullshit” approach. Guided by intuition, curiosity, deep listening, and compassion, and supported by a great, loving team!⁣

Let me take you on a journey.

“Being held by Sunny during the process was such a gift. She has such a beautiful balance between supporting one but also leaving enough space to find one’s own support within.”

Hannah G., Berlin


In our Dearmouring Training, we journey through two transformative stages.

Level 1 works with different body segments and lays the groundwork for physical and emotional release.

Level 2 advances into deeper explorations of sexuality, pleasure, and healing from sexual trauma, including internal and genital Dearmouring.

Level 1 – Foundation: Full Body Dearmouring

Level 1 is based on the fundamentals of body oriented psychotherapy and how to work with trauma in a safe and gentle way – melting the layers of the body armour at the pace of each individual’s nervous system. Through this process you engage deeply with your emotional spectrum, learning to create a healthier relationship with all emotions and embracing vulnerability. We are removing blockages so life-force energy can flow freely and ground in your body for heightened bodily-awareness. 


Level 2:  Advanced: Sexual/Internal Dearmouring
In Level 2 we are adding the extra levels of sensitivity and care it needs to work with sexuality and healing sexual trauma. Finetuning your skill sets and opening up the space to explore deeper levels of rawness, we are navigating the vulnerable exposure through internal Deamouring and working with the genitals. Apart from the physical touch and working with more complex and hidden parts of us, like sexual shame as well as pleasure, we are adding more subtleties and nuances to work with energetics. This approach facilitates a deeper understanding and connection with one’s sexuality and essence. 


Progression and Certification

Participation in Level 2 requires the successful completion of Level 1. 

If you are interested in working with Deamouring as a qualified practitioner, we offer an individualised mentorship program for certification.

We invite you into a safe space of relaxation, play, laughter, cuddling, and so much more. You’ll be supported by our loving team of highly-skilled space holders in your deep personal development work.


TRAINING schedule


Arrival Day Check in: 16:00

Completion Day Check out: 17:00

Daily schedule (example)

8:00 – 9:00    early bird nature movement practice: yoga, shaking, etc.


9:00 – 10:30    breakfast


10:30 – 13:30   morning session: sharing, lecture, body work


13:30 – 16:00   lunch & lake time


16:00 – 19:00    afternoon session: dance, body work, sound healing


19:00 – 20:30    dinner


20:30 – 22:00    integrational night session (every other day)


Our training and retreat groups are intimate, so space is limited!


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