Release stagnant energies, connect to your life force energy, and expand your capacity for self-love and pleasure.


Berlin 2022 

Aug 29 – Sep 04, De-Armouring Training, Level 1, Berlin, Germany [MORE INFO]

Sep 05 – Sep 11, De-Armouring Training, Level 2Berlin, Germany [MORE INFO]


Italy 2022 

Oct 29 – Nov 04, De-Armouring Training, Level 1, Apulia, Italy [MORE INFO]


Stockholm Tantra Festival 2022

Join us from Nov 18 – 20, I’ll be offering different workshops around the themes of connection & intimacy!  [MORE INFO]


Berlin 2023 

Aug 28 – Sep 03, De-Armouring Training, Level 1, Berlin, Germany [MORE INFO]

Sep 04 – Sep 10, De-Armouring Training, Level 2, Berlin, Germany [MORE INFO]

Would you like to know more about my work with groups and individual sessions? 

Feel – Release – Expand

From trauma to trust.

From pain to pleasure.

From separation to connection.

De-Armouring is a body and energy work that utilises a combination of touch, breath, sound, movement and meditation through massage, trigger-point release, and stretching. The body opens up and your life force energy flows unobstructed to create the life you want.