A path of life.



Release stagnant energies, connect to your life force energy, and expand your capacity for self-love and pleasure. 


Explore the depths of dearmouring

Dearmouring is not just a holistic healing modality but a path of life.


It empowers you to shed layers of stored emotions, trauma memories, and limiting behaviors, enabling you to embrace life in its full spectrum. 


This journey invites you to open up to deep intimacy and meaningful relationships, while becoming a stronger, more grounded individual and a more attuned lover. 


Every day, it’s about consciously choosing to drop protective barriers, listen to your body, emotions, and energy, and rewrite your behavioral patterns. 


Dearmouring is a commitment to growth and vulnerability, allowing you to express your deepest needs and embrace both your glory and your mess, all while navigating life’s rich tapestry with courage and dedication.


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Follow the journey of our participants during a Dearmouring Training in this 13:59 min video. 

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Take a peak at a 1:1 Dearmouring session in this 3:39 minute video.


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Live a purposeful life in alignment with body, heart and mind.

Hi, I’m Sunny!

As a dedicated guide in the realm of emotional and trauma healing and personal growth, I specialise in Dearmouring and various holistic healing practices. My mission is to support individuals and groups on their transformative journey towards inner peace and self-discovery.


Feel free to reach out! We’re here to support you on your journey.