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Frequently asked questions

Dearmouring is a self-development process and not a replacement for therapy. Please note that participation is NOT suitable if:
– you suffer from acute severe psychological illnesses
– you are in an active state of trauma, psychosis or have nerve related issues e.g. epilepsy, fibromyalgia
– you have other serious psychological  or physical illnesses

– you are pregnant.

Please get in touch if you’re unsure if you’re able to participate for any of the above, or other indications!

Everyone is welcome independent from your relationship status. This experiential intensive training is suitable for both singles and couples including those of all genders, relationship styles and sexual orientations.

You can choose to work with your partner(s) or choose to work with others. 

Our trainings are a great container for partners to reconnect with themselves and their own identification and pleasure while being on the journey together. 

No previous experience in any kind of bodywork, energy work, or Dearmouring is needed to participate. A strong desire to transform your life and coachability will support your process.

In Level 1, we focus on the non-genital Dearmouring areas of the human body connected to life force energy and sexuality. 

In Level 2, you expand your skills and knowledge and include internal touch (mouth, throat and genitals) with an emphasis on sexual healing.

Once you successfully complete the Level 1 training with us, you will have access to Level 2 and the individual Mentoring Program for Certified Practitioners.

We love naked bodies and are ambassadors of body-positivity!

Still, full nudity is not required in any of our trainings. It’s always your personal choice in the moment.

You have the choice at any moment whether to keep going, stop, or resume any activities or processes. We will create a container with group agreements at the beginning of the retreat.

We have an amazing team that will support you with love and compassion in your process. We are available for you 24 hrs during the Training! And we have a strong emphasis on integration after the Training is completed.

Our trainings are very rich in content and we encourage integration.

If you wish, you will have opportunities to book individual sessions with members of our team either before or after the trainings. These are not included in the Training fee and have to be paid separately.

We will be working with life force/sexual energy with and without physical touch for the purpose of healing. 

Any exchange of body liquids or penetrative interactions are strictly prohibited in the group room and are not part of the program.

Our course language is English. Translations are available depending on the team members. Please send us a request if you need a translation into your language.

Some of our Trainings will have an interpreter who translates simultaneously. This will be listed in the event description.

This will be listed in the event description.


We provide a ‘Welcome & Practicals Guide’ for every training, which includes a list of what to bring, how to get there and other details you might need to know before the training starts.

We have an extra section about food and allergies in our Registration Form (part of the enrollment process). 

Our caterers are doing their best to meet your needs.

We will create a private sharing group to support you after the trainings. On top of that you will get access to our Graduates Community.

Additionally we offer 1 Zoom Integration Call for the whole group. You’ll become part of our Dearmouring family!

Further educational modules and our mentorship program to become a certified practitioner are available.

The answer is NO!!! Ethics is a foundation for holding the space, which means that there’s no sexual interaction between the facilitator and participants and assistants and the participants. We are there to hold space for you and are honouring the vulnerability that comes along with this process. 

Any more questions? We’re there for you! Please send us a message!!


A free 30 min. discovery call allows me to get to know you and find out how I can best offer you the support you need. After receiving your request, I will send you different time proposals to schedule our call.

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